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October 13, 2016

Coming of Obama’s Parting Shot @ Israel


President Obama, contrary to many leftist American Jews’ commentaries and letters to editors, has a quite high animosity towards Israel which has been evident from his Cairo speech onward. We will grant that we have been experiencing a calmed and quieted President Obama concerning Israel over the summer. That changed this week on the slightest of provocations. Israel announced their intention to continue with a previously announced building of homes in the Jewish community of Shiloh. These homes are being built in order to provide the families whose homes in a nearby community are to be destroyed in response to President Obama and the State Department efforts. Apparently President Obama and the State department desired these Jews be forced from beyond the 1949 Armistice line, the Green Line, and within the indefensible pre June 1967 borders. By the way, the belief that the pre June 1967 borders, the Green Line, being indefensible is not just the Israeli government’s belief but has been the position of numerous American Presidents, Secretary of States, Defense Secretaries and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Pentagon and other Generals. Should Israel ever be forced back within those previous borders the midsection of the country in and around Tel Aviv will be a mere nine miles. Yes, Israel would be pushed into a border with her midsection only nine miles wide which, just for reference, is less than half the width of Washington, D.C. Yet there are rumors that President Obama is planning a last ditch ambush against Israel to punish Netanyahu and Israel for not making his Nobel Peace Prize valid and of having been awarded with valid foresight. The editorials and other commentaries criticizing the Nobel Committee for getting carried away over the election of the first President of the United States of color in their rush to award President Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize had even some within the Nobel Central Committee suggesting that the award be negated in the view of the actual record of President Obama’s Administration. Perhaps this might be President Obama’s effort to validate his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the backs of the safety and possible future of Israel and her people.


Obama Kerry believe greatest threat to world peace war criminal worst human rights record United States enemy responsible for all wars in Middle East and North Africa is Netanyahu


Some have questioned what might be the real harm behind such a United Nations passing of such a resolution. There have been almost countless United Nations General Assembly Resolution and official denunciations from the Human Rights Council against Israel and Israel has survived them all quite nicely even to include the 1975 Zionism as racism General Assembly Resolution which was finally repealed some sixteen years later. Would another meaningless and unenforceable United Nations General Assembly generated piece of paper actually have any deleterious effects on Israel and the day to day life of the average Israeli? Well, that depends on whether what President Obama is intending to pursue is simply a harmless General Assembly Resolution or whether he is intent on something with more weight and potentially even some teeth to the motion. Granted, much of what might be accomplished at the United Nations, especially in the General Assembly where anything anti-Israel has a sort of built in guarantee of passage, would not be all that threatening but that is not what we expect from what we have been capable of gathering and assume from our efforts.


President Obama has had the vision of himself as the man who ultimately ended the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict and he has been determined since his very first day in the White House when he made his very first official phone call from the Oval Office to Mahmoud Abbas even before calling any actual head of state. There have been unconfirmed rumors about the content of that phone call which White House official commentary has passed off as being cordial but nothing of substance nor should any importance be placed in the call without proof that there were any guarantees or promises of intent communicated. Such a disclaimer reeks of something worth concealing being the reality and we have suspected that President Obama, filled with the grand visions of himself as some great communicator and a special individual with privilege and promise greater than his predecessors did in fact give guarantees to Mahmoud Abbas that he would press forward and bring about the Palestinian State which the President himself believed in his heart was the right and proper thing that was on the right side of history, and we all know President Obama’s sense of importance on things he perceives to be on the right side of history, whether that be the real side or not being unimportant. President Obama has criticized Vladimir Putin for being on the wrong side of history expecting that such a criticism would force President Putin to alter his plans and prevent him from such dangerous actions which would fall on the wrong side of history such as invading the Ukraine or interfering in President Obama’s plans in Syria. This right side of history theme plays a large part in President Obama’s views of the world and he also appears to believe that he has this special ability to judge what is and is not on the right side of history, and a Palestinian State is on his perceived right side of history as has been the Iran Nuclear Deal while Prime Minister Netanyahu is on the wrong side of History.


It is our conjecture that President Obama is not planning on a General Assembly Resolution calling for the formation of a Palestinian State with the Green Line as its borders and that all Israeli towns and other structures and settlements are merely unhelpful and undesired as they are preventing the settlement of the conflict. This is mere restating of what he and others have claimed in ever increasing volume and irascibility. President Obama has not given up on settling the conflict in what he views as the correct and properly fair manner which is, of course, the right side of history. As he sees history, Israel was illegally formed and has stolen Palestinian Arab lands as the Jews are a people of ill will; evil, dark hearts who have aggressively strode to steal ever more Arab Palestinian homeland and probably never should have been given the land for their state in 1948 or ever and do not deserve a nation of their own as they are to be punished to roam the world living at the kindness of others whom they repay with spite and poisoning their host’s lands and are accursed by Heaven and are the spawn of Satan. Simply stated, he agreed with every sermon condemning the Jews he ever heard in the Reverend Wright’s Mosque disguised as a church and was a friend and believer with Edward Said, Louis Farrakhan and Rashid Ismail Khalidi. These men were among the fomenters of President Obama’s feud with Israel and desire to destroy Israel through whatever means he was able and he sees that opportunity slipping from his grasp and will take whatever measures he feels will be effective in setting in motion the eventual destruction of Israel and by doing so rid the world of the Jew.


So what is it we fear that President Obama will be pursuing and at what point in his remaining weeks should his actions be expected. President Obama cannot act before the election and will remain mute while he will have others deny, deny, deny and deny any accusations no matter what evidence may be presented and will call on some of his “Jewish” friends to defend him such as the leaders of J-Street and friends from academia who share his distaste for Israel. Once the election has passed and the Christmas “Winter” break approaches and congress is ready to run for the hills, or from the Hill, he will arrange for a quiet, low key and unpublicized meeting of the Security Council where only those nations desired will be formally invited with the rest receiving the information of the meeting the night before. President Obama will then have presented a Resolution recognizing the State of Palestine with the Green Line as its borders and East Jerusalem as its Capital City. Where we believe he will actually go so far as to make the proposal a Chapter Seven Resolution which is enforceable by the use of military intervention if any side does not comply appropriately and within a reasonable period of time, he may still be persuaded to simply settle for a Chapter Six Resolution which is a strong and insistent demand which will be accepted by the vast majority of nations, does not allow for the use of military force to enforce the resolution, just economic and other methods including removing embassies and ambassadors, economic sanctions, diplomatic pressures and anything else as long as it remains short of military intervention. The reason he might not call for a Chapter Seven is should Donald Trump have won the election he knows that there would be little if any chance that his resolution no matter its wording would be enforced by the United States which pretty much means it would not be enforced. But should Hillary have won the election, President Obama would be free to go for all the marbles knowing that at worst a President Hillary Clinton would do little if anything to prevent military enforcement and would pretend her hands were tied and implement heavy political and economic pressures including an end to all aid to Israel and perhaps arming Arab forces and provide them with protective air support in forcing Israel to comply with President Obama’s final efforts. This could be done even against the will of Congress providing the efforts did not go beyond the Presidential prerogative for use of force. Going further could bring on charges of impeachment but should there be sufficient Democrat membership in congress, President Hillary Clinton could even ignore all limitations knowing she was safe from being fully impeached by both houses such that even if she were charged she would not be convicted.


As far as what could prevent President Obama from taking such actions, the answer is unfortunately, “Nothing.” Should he decide that such would establish for him his rightful place in history, on the right side of history as he sees it, then he will likely do as he sees fit. The minimum would be a simple General Assembly Resolution which would be next to meaningless but still fulfill his promises to see to the recognition of statehood for the Palestinians even despite such an action having no teeth. Such an effort would take little extra action as such a proposed Resolution, as stated before, would breeze through the General Assembly and could be accomplished even if he waited until after the New Year as he has the first three weeks before the inauguration to do as he feels proper and Congress does not return until the week of the inauguration and does not convene until after the inauguration. Anything done in January would be performed without any interference from Congress or ratification from Congress, of course. Congress is unlikely to approve of whatever moves President Obama chooses but that would have little effect on the General Assembly as they have often thumbed their noses at the United States Congress and also the President when it suited their mood of the moment. Any Security Council Resolution would eventually require the confirmation as if a treaty by Congress which would present problems for the United States supporting the action of the American President, even if a ‘lame duck’ in his final moments. Should the Resolution be a Chapter Seven Security Council Resolution then it would most definitively require Congressional ratification just as if it were a treaty, something the Senate would be unlikely to approve. As for what effect that would have on the United Nations Security Council actions is a wholly different kettle of fish. Finally, there is also the possibility that the Security Council Resolution could be introduced by a nation other than the United States and in order to avoid any fallout President Obama could simply have the United States abstain and not work against the resolution knowing that by doing such he would be granting the effort a tacit approval which would influence the other permanent members of the Security Council to at worst also abstain thus allowing it to very probably pass as some of the other members would still support such a measure. There is one other possibility, that of one of the other permanent members using their veto thus ending the resolution and if it were a Chapter Seven Resolution we are willing to bet that is exactly what would be the case. The nations most likely to use their veto might surprise many but we would expect either China or Russia to be the veto wielding savior. So, imagine an American President attempting to use the Security Council of the United Nations to have the world force Israel to surrender all lands gained in the 1967 Six Day War and retreat behind the Green Line and the Russians or the Chinese vetoing the Resolution foiling the efforts of the President of the United States. That would be the ultimate embarrassment and there could be no more fitting manner in which to provide President Obama with the award of being consistently on the wrong side of history in his entire eight years as President.


As far as counting on anything to counter any actions intended by President Obama as he got on average three-quarters of the Jewish vote in his two elections if not higher. About the only Jews who can be definitively counted upon to raise the roof are the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) who will be left talking while the phone has been secured under a cushion and the aide has left the room. There is nothing that the American Jews would even be willing to do as there will be at least as high a percentage voting for Hillary Clinton as voted for President Obama and most of the rest are represented by the ZOA or are Orthodox Jews likely residing in the New York greater metropolitan area and thus their votes even ifnot for Hillary will make little if any difference unless the all but unthinkable happens and New York State becomes a close race and Trump actually has even the slightest of hopes. That is unlikely but we can hope.


So what can be done and is it possible? What can be done is risk it all and have Prime Minister Netanyahu call the American Amabassador to his office, have the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations call the American Ambassador to his office, have the Israeli Ambaddador to the United States call the Secretary of State for an urgent meeting, and if refused, then leave a letter at the White House addressed to the President and hand delivered all with a single message. Should President Obama use the Security Council for any resolution establishing a Palestinian State or declaring the 1949 Armistice Lines as a recognized border, Israel will take action. These lines are also called the Green Line, the one President Obama misnames as the 1967 lines, as they were not established in 1967 but were corrected in 1967. The action Israel would take should the United States seek official recognition of such as a border by the Security Council, would be to establish the Jordan River as the border as it is legally under all international laws including at least one treaty ratified by the United States when stating and signing on to agreements that the San Remo Conference was a valid document and the Treaty of Sèvres and all others based on San Remo are valid in signifying the borders for the Jewish State.


This establishment of the proper and legal borders will not permit a single Palestinian to become a citizen immediately and will establish the officers, leaders and security force officers and all of the special forces as personna non grata in Israel and provide them with two weeks to find new living arrangements. All of the Palestinian Security Forces will have forty eight hours to turn in their weapons and each will be reviewed and may potentially be hired for the new police force under Israeli police command. Some may even be granted their former rank and even placed in command positions if they check to have no connections to terrorist entities past or present. Finally, the citizens of the Palestinian Authority will be permitted to remain and will continue to have their businesses, their homes, their jobs if they work for an Israeli owned company, and some employees if requested by companies which relocated within Israel due to the BDS boycotts may be granted work entry permits to return to their former positions should the company so request. After a year there will be decision made as to whether and the procedure that interested Arabs formerly under the Palestinian Authority government will be permitted to start the procedures for Israeli citizenship. Within six months of that date there will be free and open election in the former areas of the Palestinian Authority under Israeli supervision. Former Palestinian Authority citizens will be granted local voting rights in their areas but should they move they will be required to seek Israeli citizenship once a procedure is established before being granted the vote. As the Palestinian Authority citizens will initially be considered alien residents, they will not have rights to vote in Israeli general elections as that will remain reserved for Israeli citizens, including any of the Palestinian Authority Arabs who gain such citizenship. Israel will immediately take over the police and security functions and all radio and television and cable networked shows and start a review to see if they meet with Israeli broadcast regulations and laws before being permitted back on the air. Other problems will be handled as they present themselves and any terrorist activity will be punished by immediate repatriation to their country of origin or any nation they might choose who will accept them even to include the United States.


An example might be the Palestinian Authority Registrar for the National Palestinian Committee for Education, Culture and Science who was not only not from the Israeli area but his name tells his nationality as he is from Sudan as the rest of Murad Al-Sudani clan originated. He is the Secretary General as listed on their official site here about half way down the page. He is far from the only officer or person of importance as most of the higher ranking persons, Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas amongst them, are of foreign origins, another of the dirty little secrets which are constantly denied and all proof ignored by the rest of the world as their desired future lies with an Arab extinguishing of Israel. That alone should have been enough reason for the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their gangs be removed and law and order replace the kleptocrats stealing the people blind and sent packing giving peace and real opportunity returned to the decent people of the West Bank and Gaza, and there are a number of decent people who are mostly scared to death and must watch their every utterrance. They deserve better and a fair opportunity for a productive life.


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November 10, 2015

Obama and Netanyahu Agree on More than Many Think


Reports out of Washington D.C. were that President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who held talks yesterday, were both rather pleased with their progress. The Prime Minister even claimed to be looking forward to his meeting today with Secretary of State Kerry. This assessment was a far cry from previous meetings which were referred to as contentious. But then there is so little light between the actions of the Prime Minister and the desires of the American President. We could go down a checklist but only a few points have any real merit. The President wants the two state solution to be facilitated by Israel, check, even to the point of ridiculous Prime Minister Netanyahu has fallen head over heels to the point of begging Mahmoud Abbas to all but name his terms of surrender. The building freeze, check, we will cover more about this later. Military aid to Israel, check, Israel will get aid and there cannot be any disagreement when there have yet to be meetings between the two sides and Israeli expressed requirements and the aid willing to be sent under the remaining year of the Obama administration. The likelihood of receiving aid to replenish provisions after last year’s war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad may be at a level far lower than what had previously been kept as this would serve President Obama’s desire to shorten the leash and pull Israel into compliance of not resisting attacks from Fatah or Hamas. So, as expressed, what was there which could trip up their meeting as Prime Minister Netanyahu has all but acquiesced to the limitation on Israeli actions even to defending herself and imposing a building freeze on Israeli building and providing open building and support on Arab construction in Judea and Samaria and increasing their facts on the ground so as to maximize their claims to all of the lands beyond the Green Line.



Left Side Depicts World's View of Two States While Right Side Depicts Abbas' and Arabs' view of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed Throughout Europe America and Western Nations

Left Side Depicts World’s View of Two States
While Right Side Depicts Abbas’ and Arabs’ view
of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed
Throughout Europe America and Western Nations



The building freeze is the height of President Obama’s arrogance and imposition of his will upon Israel and his most stringent of conditions have all but become Israeli policy which is bad for the citizens and their cities and towns which have grown beyond the Green Line. The interesting item is that the Israeli population beyond the Green Line has steadily been on the rise while the building freeze has been enforced religiously as to Israeli construction. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Netanyahu refuses to allow building of homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria; yet he is secretly advancing plans to build a new Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) city in Samaria to create thousands of new jobs for Palestinian Arabs. The stated reasoning is that such building will improve their economy by providing hundreds if not thousands of jobs strictly for Arabs. Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided to support the approval of the PA frequent demands that an additional city be built for it aside from Rawabi, which is located between Shechem (Nablus) and Ramallah as Rawabi which is almost finished. Building another entire city would be providing homes for thousands more Arabs to be placed within Judea and Samaria which will most likely be utilized to house new soldiers for the war against Israel and will only serve to feed the next intifada.


President Obama is most likely very pleased that in the end he cowed the Israeli Prime Minister who is building new homes for increased Arab housing thus providing more room for terrorists to be imported from around the area, and there is likely a great demand to become classified as Arab Palestinian as even when their resistance is at its highest, the Israelis continue to bend over backwards to facilitate their side by allowing for their every demand, some even before they are requested. What is it that the Arab Palestinians have done that they deserve another entire city’s worth of homes while the Israelis are living with married children being unable to set up their own homes as none are being built? There have even been a fair number of homes built for Israelis that have been destroyed making the demand for new housing increased to the breaking point. Many families who have had weddings are continuing to provide house and home for their children’s families and these families are growing but due to the strict building freeze may be putting off having more children until conditions improve. However one looks at the Obama building freeze which Prime Minister Netanyahu has been imposing and enforcing to the letter to please the implacable demands to the point of deterrence of the needs and desires of Israelis.


The building freeze has indeed hurt Israelis while the Arab Authorities in Judea and Samaria are being fed and facilitated in building and providing entire metropolitan areas to provide new homes for their growing population. It is fascinating that the Prime Minister that was elected this past election, and supported to the detriment of an even more Zionist Jewish Home as the electorate had been convinced by the head of the Jewish Home party that he was unprepared to be given the mandate to be Prime Minister. With that announcement it was a simple choice for voters to slide their votes to Likud in order to assure the Prime Minister and government would at least not be antagonistic to those Jews bravely sitting on the front lines holding back the storm raging from all the incitement by Abbas and friends. Netanyahu made a promise to build more homes, communities and all that goes with them in Judea and Samaria but nobody expected that he would be providing new homes and building another complete city in Judea and Samaria, but not for Jews, but instead for Arabs. This was not the promise we were told by Netanyahu during the campaign where he made a point that building would resume. Now we see he will never allow Jewish building beyond the Green Line as once he started the building freeze then he was sworn to continue such a freeze beyond the Green Line. Mahmoud Abbas has made it abundantly clear that he wished to deny Jewish building even in area C such that with another year or so there will be a majority Islamist presence throughout the areas beyond the Green Line. It will be interesting to see how the demand for housing will be met with building forbidden in the one place where the demand is highest.



Obama and Abbas together again and plotting on what to hatch on Netanyahu who is necessarily wary



The building of this Arab only city in the areas already under Arab control simply to provide employment for Arabs as per sait does little to alleviate any of the problems facing the Israeli side of the argument; the side that President Obama represents is the primary sentiment upon which all of Netanyahu’s policies and implementations came on the first day of streamining incitements for which the Arabs are being rewarded with more construction. This is how Netanyahu keeps his promises to his constituents. His performance on the Jews has been noteworthy in that he has frustrated and cancelled their every effort just as President Obama had instructed him to promise and apparently high forces are at work in all their splendor towards presenting the Arabs in Judea with a reward of additional houses while Jews have been denied even the construction of a shed, let alone housing. The time is now to begin to find a replacement for Netanyahu who can be relied upon to carry out policies which actually are designed to place the Zionist cause (not to be mistakenly construed to imply Zionist Union Party) and actually cares about what the people who elected him are demanding. Netanyahu has been Prime Minister for far too long and there has been no changing of the guard, let alone a new and fresh face to bravely lead the State of Israel forward and in realizing that the only solution that Abbas works for is not in the best interests of the average Israeli. We require a Prime Minister who delivers and not one who is best known as running the overly-bloated. A Prime Minister who ignores what his constituents desire is an unhealthy mix of misleading the people as to their intents and an “I know what is best for the people in the long run” attitude.


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July 30, 2015

Beit El a Case of Promises Against Facts

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What Bibi promises the Supreme Court will demolish. The cycle is so consistent that it should have become ingrained on every religious and secular Zionists’ minds. They demolish two buildings here and the government promises to address building anew. Then when they demolish another set of homes in another location the Prime Minister feels compelled to bring a vote to build those homes he already had once promised. A while down the road the tenders have yet to be issued but the vote was close with some from the coalition opposing but finally permitted the vote and we are supposed to be thankful and kiss the rings of the demolishers. The delay comes to an end but not until the morning of yet another demolition. We wait and the tenders are opened and the Supreme Court nullifies the action claiming the homes are on contested ground because some anti-Zionist “Israeli” (financed exclusively by European funds funneled through other NGOs as well as directly in the more blatant cases) NGO in the name of a Palestinian who cannot appear before the Supreme Court as he is in a refugee camp but his family had walked their two goats there once on their way to get them water, and there is no need as the claims are all that matters. The justices feel the pain and cancel the tender and reprimand the Prime Minister for not making sure the land was not contested so the Prime Minister in reaction freezes all building. The fact is there has been a stealth construction freeze since United States President Obama took office and first demanded that no house ever be built for a Jew in the lands of Israel, especially in the most historically Jewish lands on the face of the Earth.


Original article on Arutz Sheva with more pictures and full article titled Demolition at Beit El after High Court Ruling.



Israel Supreme Court ordered Beit El destruction and refused to allow petition from the residents of Beit El wishing to present full paperwork and licensing making building perfectly and completely legal as once the Supreme Court gets a decree for the demolition of Jewish homes beyond the Green Line only interdiction of Hashem to soften their hearts can change the otherwise inevitable.

Israel Supreme Court ordered Beit El destruction and refused to allow petition from the residents of Beit El wishing to present full paperwork and licensing making building perfectly and completely legal as once the Supreme Court gets a decree for the demolition of Jewish homes beyond the Green Line only interdiction of Hashem to soften their hearts can change the otherwise inevitable.



How in anybody’s imagination can the reality be so warped that Judea is not Jewish land? Judea, we Jews are called Jews because we came from and lived on the land of Judea, it is that simple. Sure Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian television, radio, other media, school lessons, textbooks, poetry, and flowing prose given awards all across Europe all signifies that the Arabs who invented the name Palestinians after a Roman mispronunciation of Philistines claim they have lived in this area for nine-thousand years and were almost ready to take the land back from those thieving Canaanites when the Jews showed up and stole the land from those thieving land pilferers and ruined their plans and now they will not allow another theft of their lands. Never mind that their forefathers were still bowing before their stone idol deities when the Jews were writing the codes under which much of the Western World based their legal systems and social institutions. The one consistency is that one of those great stone deities they worshiped, their Moon god, was named Allah, strange but true and very telling. They had yet to get much past Mecca and had not yet heard of Jerusalem and the great Temple built by King Solomon much less inhabit the lands here thousands of years ago as Mahmoud Abbas often claims. All that aside, after the enthusiasm in Europe to send the Jews packing back to their ancient and historic homelands after World War I and begrudgingly after World War II with final recognition in 1948 after the Arab League refused the Partition offer from the United Nations General Assembly, a non-binding resolution made mute as soon as one side refused to claim it valid thus the Jews accepting it does not mean it applies but only to the redrawing the lands west of the Jordan River now that agreeing presumably retroactively after failing to destroy Israel in their three attempts, 1948-9, 1967 and 1973, the original deal may sound delicious but that is water under the bridge and over the dam lost out somewhere at sea never to be retrieved.



Young man looks on at horrific scene where the Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of apartments under construction in Beit El, a Jewish city of six-thousand people, founded in 1977 which also employs numerous Arabs from neighboring villages thus benefitting both Jews and Arabs alike.

Young man looks on at horrific scene where the Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of apartments under construction in Beit El, a Jewish city of six-thousand people, founded in 1977 which also employs numerous Arabs from neighboring villages thus benefitting both Jews and Arabs alike.



Still, there is an illness inflicting Israeli society and its name is post-Zionism which holds that for Israel to be a modern, sophisticated and presumably accepted nation to the Europeans then Israel has to drop this whole Jewish State thing, after all that is so tenth century BCE and here we are in the twenty-first century CE, a whole thirty centuries later. Well, then I guess that the Japanese need to alter their constitution and immigration laws and drop that Japanese thing and the Chinese need to drop that Chinese thing and let us not talk about the British who might need to drop that Celtic, Norman, Austrian and Monarchy thing and the Swiss that Swiss thing and the French and the Germans and the, well, you get the idea. The real problem is the Supreme Court, the only court in the world which had a near monopoly on choosing the new justices to sit on the bench when one retires which is why there is no correlation to the Israeli Supreme Court and the will of the people of Israel. Additionally, there is absolutely no possibility of changing this situation short of a coup as the Supreme Court has assumed the title of monarchial adjudicating ruler over all of Israel.



Border Police secure the site barring their fellow Jews from potentially actively interfering with the demolition in Beit El and in some twisted manner it is a reminder of anti-Semitism experienced throughout Europe and under Islam over the past eighteen centuries in the Diaspora where many a Jew lived with one suitcase packed and ready to bring the essentials to start anew.

Border Police secure the site barring their fellow Jews from potentially actively interfering with the demolition in Beit El and in some twisted manner it is a reminder of anti-Semitism experienced throughout Europe and under Islam over the past eighteen centuries in the Diaspora where many a Jew lived with one suitcase packed and ready to bring the essentials to start anew.



As near as can be determined the Supreme Court could, if it so deigned, take upon itself setting the speed limits on the roads and highways because, as President of the Supreme Court (other nations settle for chief justice but the Israeli Supreme Court has a President which is all too fitting all things considered) Aharon Barak ruled during his term as President of the Supreme Court that all things are subject to judicial review by the Supreme Court. This simply meant that the Supreme Court may review any legislation passed by the Knesset and signed by the Prime Minister and nullify the law even before the ink had dried putting on the books. For this reason I would advise that all laws initially be entered onto the books with disappearing ink and only later done with an indelible marker once the Supreme Court had adjudicated and affirmed the law. This will save time and money erasing the record and allow for the Supreme Court to either nullify, rewrite or nullify and write anew the law as it should have been legislated if only the Knesset elected by the people actually had any idea what was best for the people. This is the reason though that Prime Minister Netanyahu can promise all the building he desires or even that he would rather not allow because the Supreme Court will have every building that goes halfway up to be torn asunder as soon as any contest is filed by any party whether they are personally making the claim or making the claim in the place of a third party who always may as well remain nameless as they never need appear and no paperwork, deed or other proof ever need be entered, there just needs be a challenge in the name of any Palestinian and the buildings in question will need to be demolished.


Now this demolition may take place within hours or it may take place months down the road or even a year later after families have taken up residence. No matter, we can promise to simply move the buildings to a less contested area, oops; they fell apart before being transferred, so sorry. The cycle never seems to end and the Zionists appear to have been dizzied under the constant spinning between extending new tenders and injunction against building to a ruling for demolitions and another tender later that day followed by another annulment then a victory and the building begins, hope, refreshing new hopes. No sooner than hope and an NGO has filed a protest and counterclaim in the name of some presumed downtrodden and dejected Palestinian whose life has been filled with misery and now, on top of all that, the Jews are building on his families vegetable garden from the middle of the nineteenth century when they were driven off by a camel merchant with connections, the tales of woe. Who is this unfortunate Palestinian, the name matters not, it could be Mohammad or Abdul or even Achmed the dead Terrorist, the Supreme Court will order the demolition and refuse to give ear to the facts and the completed paperwork and licensing as once the wheels (tracks) of the wrecker have been put in motion, nothing short of an injunction from Heaven can interfere as no Earthly entity dare stand before the Supreme Court and their gavel of Aharon Barak’s universal adjudications over all things Israel.



Palestinian rally cheering the agony and misfortune Jews are inflicting on their fellow Jews as many within the halls of power and the institutions have made particular quasi-legal machinations by which they inflict severe heartache and some celebrate the misfortune of others who have never harmed them and even may employ members of these celebratory Arab Palestinians families which will also be harmed by these actions in Beit El.

Palestinian rally cheering the agony and misfortune Jews are inflicting on their fellow Jews as many within the halls of power and the institutions have made particular quasi-legal machinations by which they inflict severe heartache and some celebrate the misfortune of others who have never harmed them and even may employ members of these celebratory Arab Palestinians families which will also be harmed by these actions in Beit El.



This unholy and dizzying dance has turned into a tornado of terror for those Jews residing beyond the Green Line, even those who have resided on their validated and proven family lands be they in Hevron, East Jerusalem or even a small farm next to Beit El as everything falls before the domain of the Supreme Court. Unlike Supreme Courts the world wide, the Israel Supreme Court can be petitioned directly and take whatever case they deem deserving, and once deemed deserving the decision is all but finalized. There need not be proof of ownership, no deeds or other documentations are required and the plaintiff need not appear before the court or even actually have proof of their existence, just a signature on a piece of paper empowering any NGO who had hunted them down and perhaps cajoled them into signing the claims just to be left alone as being seen regularly talking with Israelis can prove very unhealthy. One would be easily pressed to ask, how can this be avoided or at least mediated in order to provide some feelings of permanence for the Jews residing past the Green Line. One would likely be more promising in asking how long before these actions by the Supreme Court removing Jewish residences start moving to the extremities of Israel such as the northern Galilee or the Negev in the south as that is more likely to occur before they finish with the Jews living and benefitting the lands of Judea and Samaria, as, with the Jews come opportunities for Palestinians, such as higher paying jobs than they would ever get from amongst other Arabs. One might be prone to suggest that the Supreme Court rulings and stealth building freeze seemingly supported by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon which appears will last until United States President Obama leaves office and then it will depend on who is elected to the office and their desire to permit or prevent Jews living beyond the Green Line and supporting the letter of intents given Israeli Prime Minister Sharon by President George W. Bush which President Obama insisted was not binding on him and was placed in the waste bin with the Defense of Marriage Act and a slew of other bothersome items, both laws and regulations.



Some of the crowd of residents and concerned Jews gather to witness Beit El demolition and stand in support for those directly harmed by these acts at Beit El and those figuratively harmed simply through empathy and understanding of the pain of having your dreams of a new life in your own apartment rather than the continued condition of multi-generational homes where privacy is all but gone and many who had hopes as these apartments brought needed residential space but such hopes are now dashed and broken concrete.

Some of the crowd of residents and concerned Jews gather to witness Beit El demolition and stand in support for those directly harmed by these acts at Beit El and those figuratively harmed simply through empathy and understanding of the pain of having your dreams of a new life in your own apartment rather than the continued condition of multi-generational homes where privacy is all but gone and many who had hopes as these apartments brought needed residential space but such hopes are now dashed and broken concrete.



This reign of horror will end when the Israeli public give their support to a party whose head on the ticket has set themselves apart by actively desiring to have the necessary confrontation with the Israeli Supreme Court and bring the Supreme Court under the domain of the Knesset and thus answerable to the people of Israel. This will most likely demand that Israel finally establish a Constitution which will make a change in the entirety of the Israeli government potentially restructuring every office from Prime Minister, President, even the Knesset and the methods in which all these positions are chosen. This solution to numerous problems which have begun to be discussed by the public including not solely the dictatorial usurious power grab by the Supreme Court to making the politicians directly responsible and answerable to the people and not only their party elites which has frozen Israeli politics for the past two decades while the population had changed drastically. My personal preferred idea would to make the Knesset the upper house in a bicameral legislature where the Knesset would be made up of seventy-five members chosen by the parties as is currently the manner to choose them and another forty-five chosen by nine areas divided by a set of equations which take into consideration population densities and purely geographic land area by a complex computerized algorithm formulated by a committee meeting every decade and formulating a new variant or keeping with what worked well last time and then crunched and drawn by a computer thus making the formulation of the algorithm still leaving some doubts how the equation will be interpreted by the computer as anybody who has done programs will tell you the machines can be difficult partners often not doing what one expected or even required. The other house would be directly elected by districts made through districts defined by population size with each of forty-five districts receiving two delegates and ten chosen by popular election of the whole of Israel. These districts will be drawn by computers under a program which demands that the total circumference length for all districts when totaled be the smallest total possible combined with each district being made as small as possible nearest the largest population centers. This may sound impossibly complicated but in this age of computers why not utilize them to our best advantage and allow them to make decisions which will affect the makeup of the governance while keeping it removed from manipulations which might favor one political view over others. As to how to choose the Prime Minister, that might be a problem but perhaps the Knesset chooses a candidate and the other house need approve it with a super-majority of around sixty-percent of the representatives. By the way, yes, I have been told I have an affinity for complexities. This is why I will not be amongst those deciding such things if for no other reason than my proclivities as that I have no political standing within Israeli politics beyond that of my wife voting in a similar manner as I have and when debate over differences charge forth I usually retreat and pray I take minimal damage to my ego and other parts.





Where Israel will find the person willing to withstand the firestorm which is all but guaranteed to follow the placing of such a person in as Prime Minister will likely be asking for the impossible, it may just require a person declaring their desire to retool the entire political make-up of the State of Israel and bring it out of the middle Twentieth Century and into the dawn of a new era which will include sufficient diversity, agility, imagination, use of technology and inspirational innovations such that it will have the potential of lasting well into the Twenty-Second Century, and I do mean the Twenty-Second Century. Where Israel might seek to find somebody capable and willing to suffer the Shakespearean sling and arrows of unfriendly and outrageous misfortune (lots of literary and potentially unfortunate license) is a question beyond this editorialist ability to know or even approaching a guess. The one thing I can feel assured about is whoever might be such a person, they will never have claimed while leading their party into the elections that they are not yet ready to assume the position of Prime Minister.


In closing, the recent destruction of the buildings in the midst of their construction under order by the Supreme Court and the refusal to entertain evidence of completed licensing and other required paperwork having been completed as the Supreme Court must never be second guessed and their decisions must never be challenged successfully no matter who gets harmed; especially if it is the Israelis living beyond the Green Line. And I cannot help but ask if this is actually a preplanned series of decisions being pursued in order to remove every last Israeli from beyond the Green Line in order to give everything to the Arab Palestinians thinking this would end the terrorism and other difficulties and satisfy the Europeans detractors while ignoring the reality that the only settlement the Arab Palestinians will accept has to be far beyond the minimalist Europeans as their statement from their charter in 1964 when the PLO was formed. There were no occupied or contested lands at that time and the only target was Israel, all of Israel, and Israel itself which remains the only acceptable point the Arab Palestinians will continue to accept. That is why the chant that is heard on colleges and universities campuses throughout the western world at anti-Israel, often claiming to be pro-Palestinian, demonstrations goes, “From the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea; Palestine must be free.” Any more questions?


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