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October 4, 2015

Ruins and Remains of Peace Process After General Assembly


The speeches given at the General Assembly are said, recorded and hashed out in the press with Abbas having the biggest implications while Netanyahu used some serious drama unveiling the reality and truth behind the Obama surrender to Iran on their nuclear drive to weapons status. The Iranian aim is not just atomic bombs but thermonuclear hydrogen bombs with all the sophistication of Russia, China or the United States. Netanyahu then followed his brilliance with a complete and worthless ending addressing the moribund peace process which had already been nullified by Abbas in his speech. Abbas basically felt secure enough with the backing of the United Nations, European Union and the United States, European Union plus numerous other nations, NGOs, and political commentators backing his claims to at the very least being gifted all of the lands beyond the Green Line including all of the Temple Mount, the Old City of Jerusalem and even possibly all of Jerusalem should he demand such from an angry world fed up with the entire process and willing to demand every concession and then some from Israel knowing that the Arabs are immovable in their claims and refuse to reason or compromise on any items and only to demand more. So, after these diatribes and commentaries by two diametrically opposed views, what will be the outcome as well as what should be the outcome as the two are not necessarily the same.



Mahmoud Abbas grabbing for everything within his reach including all of Israel given half the chance

Mahmoud Abbas grabbing for everything within his reach including all of Israel given half the chance



Let us look at Mahmoud Abbas and his supposedly bombshell announcement that the Palestinian Authority and Fatah and any other entity he was the leader of would no longer recognize the Oslo Accords. Abbas tied to this a demand that the United Nations and all of its member states immediately recognize Palestine and to even leave the boundaries as a fluid, ephemeral and inconclusive, undefined, inexact, set line open to further clarifications in the future but at a minimum set along the Green Line and all of Eastern Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and the Kotel (Western Wall and its plaza) over which they would be permitted to forcefully evict every last Jew or genocidally slaughter them in the process of purifying the Islamic lands as commanded by Allah. Mahmoud Abbas has taken a chance by separating himself and the proposed forces waging a terror war with genocidal expectations from their agreement to recognize a change from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) into the respectable Palestinian Authority and the PLO transformed into a political entity known as the Fatah Party. By casting off the Oslo Accords there now does not exist such an entity as the Palestinian Authority, the Fatah Party is now remerged with the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and the PLO terrorist force. Abbas is betting everything right down to the kitchen sink that the world will no longer require the so-called Arab Palestinian entities under any name to hold viable claims against Israel for the Jewish State to provide them with their own lands and all other needs such as water, electricity and natural gas as well as anything else which proves to be necessary as there will be only Palestine and the Jewish State of Israel will have been subsumed.


Needless to point out that the current deficit amount by the Palestinian Authority and all parties to that body already owe in excess of $15.2 million in unpaid electric bills over at least 10 years, part of an all-consuming Palestinian power debt of $430 million that is at the core of the last official breakdown which was resolved by increasing the rates paid by Israeli companies and though not excusing the Arab debt, ameliorating the slow bleeding financially of the Israeli electric companies. There exist similar debts for water and numerous other commodities as well as taxes. Unfortunately the world has always demanded that Israel simply suck it up and absorb this debt repeatedly ever since the existence of Arabs claiming rightful ownership of lands in the heartland of ancient Israel despite most of the land owners being recipients of grants from the Jordanian government when they illegally occupied the land west of the Jordan River. This situation initially came about during the Arab War to Annihilate the nascent State of Israel between 1948 and the Six Day War in June of 1967. The Jordanian capture and annexations, recognized solely by Pakistan and Britain, occupied most all of Judea and much of Samaria as well as a piece of Benjamin and all of the Old City in Eastern Jerusalem. This occupation by Jordan, as a result of the 1948-9 War of Annihilation which placed a half dozen armies and more at the Israeli borders in all directions, piled into Israel on its first day of existence swearing to annihilate ever last single Jews and do so within a few days, a week at most. After two years of war and the loss of around one to two percent of their entire population, the Jews were finally granted a peace, or at least an arbitration which still left the State of Israel technically at war with a number of her neighbors, especially after the Arabs decided to implement the Khartoum Resolutions after a meeting in Khartoum by the Arab League. This meeting led to the infamous “three no’s” which were 1) no peace with Israel, 2) no recognition of Israel and 3) no negotiations with Israel. Netanyahu used the podium well including a prolonged forty-five seconds of complete and total silence and a stern look, which some claim can boil or freeze water pending Netanyahu’s intentions, to represent the lack of rejection of the path Iran has had cleared for them to attain nuclear standing after ten to fifteen years and potentially destroy far more than Israel and the United States as they are far more likely to take upon themselves the destruction of the Saudi Arabian oil fields and whatever other actions they may find to serve their interests before taking on the United States or Israel.


In the interim, Israel needs to defend herself and the Jewish People from slanderous anti-Semitism, anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism, what we think should be made into the three anti’s which every school child needs to be educated where that path leads once a people begin to tolerate even the slightest intolerance. Former Rabbi to the United Kingdom Rabbi Sachs wrote an article titled The hate that starts with Jews never ends there where he discussed the spread of anti-Semitism despite a society which prides themselves on their tolerance, the Europeans. In another more recent article by Giulio Meotti titled Anti-Semitism devours Europe he described a number of anti-Semitic acts originating, amongst other places, in Denmark from which I would like to quote one of his finds as he reports,

“Something is rotten in the state of Norway, as Marcello of Shakespeare’s Hamlet would have put it.
A few days ago an image was imprinted as a background on a credit card issued by Dnb Bank, the largest financial institution in the country. You see a Jew with a hooked nose, a yarmulke on his head, a prayer shawl and a cascade of gold coins.”

He concluded this article noting that the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe was akin to “comparing it to the dog rage syndrome or mad cow disease.”
Both of these articles speak of a vile hatred which overtook Germany leading into World War II and has been at the center of so numerous numbers of examples it is beyond accuracy to define any actual cause for the origin of such hatred. The hate of the Jews traced back even beyond those tales often used when making every knight “bloodied” before entering into battle in the Holy Lands by slaughtering the Jews in a stretch of villages which often was referred to as a pogrom against the Jews and such upticks in anti-Semitism almost invariably became a part of Jewish history, a long and tortuous history. The Bible, in the Old Testament, spoke of the origins of the hatreds to any morality, something the Jews had always been at the forefront fighting to defend righteousness and refute all the other false claims of idolatry and multi-deistic religions. Many charismatic leaders using deceit mixed with charms expounded deviant behavior but if one could only reveal the dark underbelly and shine the light of truth on such cults and reveal the hatreds which lay under the same rocks festering and idolatry and often human sacrifice, particularly child sacrifice, the humanity of Hashem and the truths demanded moral and ethical behavior such as equality and nobility of the individual, things not tolerated in the hedonistic practices of the false religious cults. The origins of anti-Semitism began as a defense against the abolition of idolatry, multi-deistic faiths and the large clerical corps of priesthoods devoted to their own enrichment feeling the challenge which Judaism and faith in Hashem placed their hierarchal structured societies and lives of privilege. The reasoning has changed but the core of moral behavior and a supreme creator with all men created equal in worth, potential and love from Hashem are still seen to be threatening to many modern cultural hierarchies and power structures.



Ancient Child Sacrificial Ceremony Giving of the First Born or Virgin Child to Ba'al so as to Appease the Wrathful Idol



Europe will have chosen where they shall stand with the coming invasion of their culture, already almost devoid of faith their traditional faith, replacing it with the doctrine of the human as the supreme being, about to be overrun by Islamic refugees whose faith is rising and will swell further in the furtive but spiritually barren slate before them in Europe. Behind these refugees in a generation or possibly immediately come the demands of Islam imposed through Sharia. The anti-Semitism coupled as it already is with anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism will only grow overrunning any opposition. European Jews will be fortunate to be free from Europe as the change will occur almost overnight. In the United States, and potentially Canada afterwards, this transition will take a while longer because of distance and a great deal of angry waters preventing any hordes of refugee entering its borders, but the change will come. The sole hope for Judeo-Christian ethics will be dependent on a reformation of Islam, a remote possibility at best. Israel will thus be the last and only stand for the Old testament and the remnants who follow the New Testament, the Christians will be residing possibly in South America and Southern Africa and potentially carving a nation out of the southern central states along the Mississippi River, Missouri River, Ohio River and between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains but excluded from the great lakes region. That will be the remnant and with any good fortune and the help of Hashem these areas may remain free with a world otherwise ruled by Islam. Some Christians have already slowly gravitated to support of Israel and the Jews and these Christians will be the leaders of the remnants of Christianity which by necessity will ally with Israel. Those who refuse will likely be lost in a sea of green and black. That will be the fate of those opposing Israel and their worship of Hashem and the keepers of the original Covenant and the Commandments. It is not promising, but if one knows the situation they face and makes plans accordingly, they may find their salvation; the rest will either surrender their will to Islam or die believing that mankind is the true master of their fate and will reap exactly that fate.


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April 25, 2013

Middle East One Year After a Nuclear Iran

Everyone has given their picture of the horrors which would follow a nuclear armed Iran. Most of these warnings point to the possibility of Iran distributing their nuclear capabilities to their closest allies Syria and Hezballah in Lebanon. They explain how Iran might choose to attack Israel with a nuclear device smuggled into Israel by Hezballah in the north, by Hamas from the southwest, or Bedouins or others from within the Sinai Peninsula in the south. They mention that Iran could threaten Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, the UAE, and Bahrain with severe and dire consequences while loosing the Shiite populations in each country to serve whatever ends the Ayatollahs decide. Where these scenarios are troubling enough, they completely miss a far worse situation which is actually more likely. There have been some who have hinted at these problems but they warrant retelling.


All of the Sunni nations in the Middle East are fully aware of the threat they would face should Iran become a nuclear armed nation. The struggle for supremacy between Shiite and Sunnis Islam would become far more competitive with Iran having nuclear weapons with which to threaten the major Sunni powers who currently enjoy a measure of preeminence provided by their oil wealth. What has been omitted from many explanations of a future after Iran goes nuclear is that when Pakistan faced a nuclear armed India they went on an emergency nuclear weapons development program. This was an exceedingly costly program far beyond anything the Pakistani government could ever have afforded. Enter the ever helpful but not too egalitarian Saudis with all the cash that Pakistan would need. There was a very simple price for the assistance of the Saudis, the promise of nuclear weapons on demand should Saudi Arabia ever find themselves on the wrong end of a nuclear situation, say like Iranian threats. This agreement would provide the Saudis with a number of operative nuclear weapons along with the plans for building their own weapons once they put the processing and other required productions into place. There have been numerous conjectures to the number of weapons which would be provided the Saudis on demand with a dozen being the median figure which would be more than sufficient to keep Iran in check while the Saudis brought their own nuclear weapons program online. But the Saudis are but the first in a line of new nuclear powers which would result from a nuclear Iran.


There are other countries who would feel compelled to reply to a nuclear Iran by immediately developing their own nuclear arsenals. The idea that every nation in the Middle East, and even further, would be satisfied to rely on the United States nuclear umbrella to keep them safe is a foolish and silly belief. For starters, any nation which currently views themselves as being major players in the Middle East would take a nuclear armed Iran as an unacceptable challenge to their place in the order of the Middle East. Of these the first two which come to mind are Turkey and Egypt. Turkey and Egypt both have sufficient technology available to them to produce their own nuclear weaponry within a nominal amount of time, likely less than three years from inception to production of their first two or three devices. They would require negligible research times as access to plans for a nuclear weapon are readily available to any nation with sufficient money. The readily available sources for such plans are well known and include but are not limited to North Korea, Pakistan, China, Russia, and other former Soviet countries. Even without any assistance from a current nuclear power the designs for a simple nuclear device are readily available on the internet though not necessarily in sufficient detail to assemble one straight off those plans. But with sufficient engineering and nuclear physics expertise, nuclear weapon designs require mere months to successfully develop. With computer aided design it becomes even more readily accomplishable. But who else might decide they were in need of a nuclear arsenal should Iran complete their nuclear weapons plans?


The first suspects would likely be many European countries; especially Germany, Poland, Romania, and very likely all of the rest would either desire their own or would ally forming treaties of mutual protection with neighboring countries that were developing such weapons. England and France would likely resume building nuclear weapons and update any nuclear weapons they currently hold. Once any of the nations of North Africa developed nuclear weapons they might start a nuclear arms race through the rest of Africa. South Africa was once a nuclear power and who knows where those plans are now. Then one needs to reevaluate the equation even if only three or four nations in Africa manage to go nuclear and also look to Asia and South America. If Iran is allowed to go nuclear then the entirety of Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty goes out the window and a truly horrific domino theory will come to fruition. Such a world becomes the most ominous threat condition from which mankind may cease to exist along with near extinction event enveloping the world. Many of the nations which would become nuclear armed and enabled were either nonexistent or uninterested in the last World War and may not have taken the lesson of Nagasaki and Hiroshima to heart as those nations involved in World War II.


The United States and allies faced off against the Soviet Union and its allies in a nuclear standoff in which great care and mechanisms were built in to assure that no accidental confrontation would occur. Even with these precautions there were a number of times when the two sides came perilously close to the brink but fortunately never went beyond the cusp and committed their nuclear response. Once even one-third of the nations of the world possess nuclear weaponry the possibility of either a mistake or an intentional use of nuclear weapons would simply become a matter of time. Once one nation utilized nuclear weapons then either the attacked nation and the nations with which they have mutual defense treaties either respond in kind leading to an ever escalating nuclear conflagration or they stand down at which point every other nations’ nuclear deterrent becomes just one small bit less effective. Once a nation and their allies allow a nuclear attack to go without a response in kind then it becomes a measured consideration which would make the offensive use of nuclear weapons just a small amount more tempting. Since mankind has always used the weapon of previously unequaled destruction which ended the previous war to start the next war, how long before nuclear weapons become the first strike weapon of choice? Look at the evidence, the Ancient Greek used the Phalanx which was perfected by the Romans. World War I brought into use tanks and aircraft and World War II revolved around armor, bombers, and fighter aircraft. World War I used dreadnaughts which were the follow-up to the ironclads and metal warships of the American Civil War and the other wars between then and the outbreak of World War I. It may have been inevitable once mankind invented the nuclear weapon that it would be the weapon of initiation for World War III which may very likely be World War Last until the next intelligent species rises from the mire left afterwards. Maybe we should press for more actions to be committed for preventing Iran or anybody else developing and building nuclear weapons.


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